Large producers lack quality, craft lacks scale
Enter Herbly, long-standing craft quality at the right scale, profitably - by design.
$2.1m of $3m CAD raised

Big Marijuana is not inevitable

"I'm not trying to say that Big Marijuana will never come to pass; just like in the [Big] beer market, [there is] a thriving and growing craft beer market."

Nov 2018, Ryan Stoa, Concordia University School of Law


Which one would you buy?

One of each bud was gently squeezed. The results are visibly pronounced... if only you could smell, then touch (test for squishiness and stickiness), and finally taste the product, the pictures become even more compelling.

Top quality always sells out at top dollar

Please try before you buy

We are the Fine Wine of Cannabis with long-term sustainable margins

Organic craft cannabis at the right scale. Tech, cheap power and the 'sunlight subsidy' give sustainable 37% net margins.

Deeply passionate and expert craft growers following commercial protocols for even better 'BC Bud'.

Revolutionary polycarbonate panels illuminate every leaf for consistent craft quality in a sealed indoor environment.

$2.1m of $3m CAD subscribed to cultivate our organic craft cannabis in an EU-GMP facility.

$1.29/g cost, $8+/g sale price confirmed yields $524k profit per 189kg harvest from 2021 Q3.

@ $8/g (branded is 10+/g) each $100k investment becomes $322k in 2022 Q4 and $966k in 2025 Q3 @ 10x P/E.

You ask, we grow

Variety is the spice of life, and helpful medically. We provide the most desired varieties,

even 30+% THC.

It's all about entourage

Our whole flower / full spectrum approach insures the Entourage Effect

as it's not just about the most well known cannabinoids of THC and CBD.

Grown with Love

Sungrown in a sealed, extremely controlled environment by very hands-on passionate local craft growers. No glass involved.

Strains / Genetics

We have access to hundreds of unique, stabilized genetics, and choose cup winners like White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and Bubba Kush.


Analogous to the aroma and flavor in wine... ours smells and tastes good.

Consistent quality. Period.

"Done is NOT better than perfect" is our unique mantra in this industry, so you get 4 star (quads) every time.

This is how we've always grown.


Cannabis is our business, caring is our passion

Driven by powerful experiences witnessing loved ones achieve, and personally experiencing, cannabis' incredible healing and well-being.

2013 (MS and cancer success, sets the stage for...)

As a legally designated grower, Martin' cannabis, with the help of his patient's physician, treated her unbearable symptoms of MS and reduced her hard pharma drugs from 13 to 3. After taking Martin's cannabis oil for several months, another patient's 1" tumor had shrunk to the size of a pea.

2014 - 2019 (a business built on passion to help, and...)

The desire to deliver his craft cannabis at scale led to 8,000 hours by the two founders to establish the path for a long term, viable, and impactful business. Health Canada's security clearance completed in 2018; a year later, 3 acres were secured on the incredible Sunshine Coast.

2020 (to deliver the flower few others can, and profitably.)

With a Readiness Letter from Health Canada, we're raising funds to bring healing and well-being, and a bit of fun, to Canada and the world. Herbly's Fine Wine of Cannabis solves the market's deep-set quality issues to bring $2.1m net profit mid 2022 given $1.29/g cost, $8/g sales; (known high end is $10-12/g). $100k investment becomes $322k


Healing & well-being, and...

Our Just For Fun™ line if looking to relax with friends, experiment, get creative, or just try something new.

Our Premium Wellness™ line provides the 'spa' experience for sleep, pain, anxiety.

Our Performance Wellness™ line for athletes of all levels during training, competition, and recovery.

Our Nature's Wellness™ line of oils and metered dosage products to reduce hard pharma medications.


Board Members

Thomas, Compliance 

25 years of pharmaceutical product EU-GMP compliance; Executive at a global GMP publisher.

Jeff, Infrastructure Tech 

20 years in operations and project management; construction manager for 10+ commercial grows.

Martin, COO

10 year growing cannabis for MS and cancer patients.

18 years running fire department operations

with zero margin for error.

Mirko, CEO

13 years in risk management, 5 years in digital media.

Serial entrepreneur focused on sustainable growth, governance, and technology.

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